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Tangle is a global theatre company founded in South West England in order to break down cultural walls
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Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr’s speech ‘I have a dream’, (celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013), DREAM NATION invites people from all walks of life to take part in our brand new multi-platform arts project. >


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Tangle: the South West’s leading think tank for racial equality in theatre

Tangle is a touring theatre company that celebrates and champions the work of  theatre artists from Africa, the Caribbean and beyond. Our ongoing  programme of productions, participation projects, training and  research discovers new ways by which global artists and those based in the UK’s most rurally remote regions can connect and collaborate in ongoing artistic exchange.

Tangle’s creative programme operates in three areas: productions, participation, education and training projects and ‘strategy research projects that encourage discussion and national debate. We work across the South West  - the UK’s largest and most rural region – and in London, its biggest urban centre.

Tangle operates as a creative broker for theatre artists at all career stages… About Tangle >

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