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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.

Inside Tangle…with Designer Iftkhar Rashid

Iftkhar Rashid or ‘Ifti‘ to his friends, is Tangle’s multi-talented Graphic Design Associate. You’ve probably seen Ifit’s excellent work without knowing it was him. He’s responsible for the much loved Dream Nation Installation as well as the immaculately designed Dream Nation E-Book and much more.

Ifti was kind enough to lend us five minutes of his time for our quick fire Inside Tangle interview. Check it out…

Tell us about you and your work. What do you do?

Marketing Communications – ‘graphicalising’ and ‘webifying’ other people’s creative ideas … Check out www.thedefinitivedesign.co.uk

What do you like about working with Tangle?

Tangle’s causes, positivity, vision and energy.

What is the Tangle thing you’re done that you’re most proud of?

The Durban piece – which I created in 2012 for GLOBAL COMMUNITY … something I wanted to develop further. The Dream Nation e-Book is also a big achievement!

Tangle: Global Community - Durban by Iftkhar RashidWhat has been the highlight so far?

Working alongside Anna from her ideas at the start of a project right through to the implementation and seeing the positive results achieved.

What does working with Tangle mean to you?

Its marries together 2 important things for me – being able to create ‘stuff” and doing good works for our community.