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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.

INTERFACE: two regions, two continents

INTERFACE was a cross-cultural performance project, curated by Tangle, that took place as a ‘pilot’ across the South West in autumn 2012.

It was led by a ‘hub’ of 20 artists, selected after an open application process. Working in pairs, each created a 5-minute live performance work, responding to written provocations by Goethe and Mandela. The 10 works were performed at INTERFACE LIVE, at The Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre, in December 2012.

Each pair consisted of one regional and one African or Caribbean-heritage artist, working together to explore the specific additional benefits that a cross-cultural collaboration brings to the creation of their INTERFACE response.

This live performance project enabled theatre makers from across South West England and Africa to collaborate on new creative works, and access artists from new and different cultural backgrounds.

Participants received a fee, specialist mentoring and got to workshop and perform in both London and Somerset. Each participant was paired with an artist working in a different art form and born in a different continent.

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Supported using public funding by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND


David Lockwood (Exeter) and Denver Isaac (Zimbabwe)
Dean Brodrick (Wiltshire) and Sheila Ruiz (Nigeria and Spain)
Rebecca Hulbert (Cornwall) and Anna Demming (Trinidad)
Rory Wilton (Cornwall) and Chino Odimba (Nigeria)
Joseph Adesunloye (Nigeria) and Nix Wood (Cornwall)
Ben Symes (Cornwall) and Leigh Tredger (South Africa)
Heather Lister (Bristol) and Milton Lopes (Portugal and Cape Verde)
Liane Jose (Cornwall) and Joy Gharoro Akpojotor (Nigeria)
David Lane (Bristol) and Chipo Chung (Zimbabwe)
Guy Watson (Cornwall) and Pascale Kasirabo (Rwanda)
Curated by Anna Coombs with Debo Adebayo and Msimisi Affolderbach Dlamini

For Feedback and insight from the artists involved go to the Tangle Youtube channel by clicking here