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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.


January 2011

Soho Theatre London, supported by the National Theatre Studio

A Drop To Drink was a collection of six brand new plays about water. The plays were specially commissioned from a team of global and South West based playwrights: Fraser Grace, ‘Dipo Agboluaje, Natalie McGrath, Shiona Morton, Paula B Stanic and Akofa Abaka. The plays were performed in seven languages (including Welsh and Gaelic) by an ensemble cast from Burundi, The Gambia, Nigeria and Uganda, with originally commissioned music by Dorset-based Lekan Babalola Trio.  A Drop To Drink was developed at The National Theatre Studio, London and performed at Soho Theatre, London, in January 2010.

Writers – Akofa Abaka, Oladipo Agbolaje, Fraser Grace, Natalie McGrath, Shiona Morton and Paula B Stanic

Director – Anna Coombs

Assistant Direcrtor – Kwaku Ankomah

Rehearsal Assistant – Ana Corbett

Music – Lekan Babalola Trio

Performed by Damola Adelaja, Fiston Barek, Babou Ceesay and  Anna Maria Nabirye