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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.


by Anonymous

Our first production was the medieval morality play, Everyman, co-produced with The Brewhouse, Taunton and Hall for Cornwall in autumn 2009. Performed by an ensemble of 3 actors with a live original score of music and song,  Everyman was the first ever stage production in Somerset created and presented entirely by artists from Africa and the Caribbean. Everyman featured as Pick of the Week in The Guardian and helped Hall for Cornwall to win the TMA Eclipse Award in 2010.

Cast: Tunji Falana, Darren Hart, Emmanuel Idowu

Original music composed and performed by Phil Innes

Director: Anna Coombs

I do congratulate the combination of verse with music – a great addition. Also the verse speaking so that it was affecting and comprehensible. A few chairs would have been welcome (older back sufferers) but the stools were a good idea.


Absolutely BRILLIANT! ++++! We enjoyed the singing and music and all 3 were SUPERB actors and we could hear it well. CONGRAULTAIONS all 3 by maybe esp. Everyman but all 3!


I liked the way the accents worked with the words, better than ‘proper’ English, it flowed really well specially when said slowly and in an unrushed way. Simplicity was very complimentary to the play. Thanks.


Loving the music! Really interesting concept also, and staging kept us on our toes. I’m currently studying performing arts and this has given me bags of ideas! That was powerful! Script is brilliant too.


Strong and powerful. Love the range of characters. For the style of in the round it’s very easy to follow and adds a good dynamic. The collaboration of this style of theatre and the music gives the piece something unique. Everyman could have a more ranged character and range of voice. But the message shines! The use of Shakespeare’s language is genius.


I think the beauty of your show is in its simplicity and sincerity. Great performances...take home value! Thank you very much.


Enjoying it very much – some great acting. Loved the concept of the audience in the middle of the action and the swivel stools. Sensitive stimulating music.