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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.

Arts Award

Tangle is a proud Arts Award Supporter

Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company.

Successfully growing appreciation of BAME-led theatre in this relatively mono-cultural part of the UK, our programme has two main strands:

Tangle Company is our virtuoso performance ensemble that tours annually with a new poetically-driven music theatre work, specially designed to offer a strong first entry point to BAME theatre for those who haven’t had the experience before. Tangle Company productions are suitable for delivery in a wide range of spaces such as schools or community centres.

Our full touring productions happen every two years. This is presented in our distinctive style combining Southern African ‘township’ and collective theatre techniques (ensemble, a capella song and physical theatre) with aspects of Western theatre practice.

We also offer education workshops connected to the themes of our productions and occasional specialist educational workshops.

Towards The Sun


The Mandela Project

Dream Nation

Tangle works with a wide range of organisations including regional theatres, arts charities, local education authorities, rural arts initiatives, schools, FE establishments plus youth and community groups. Here's what some of them have to say:


"A beautiful way to present important themes. The poetry, the songs and harmony reinforced the messages being conveyed and had our children captivated. Positive messages that we can build into conversations in our classrooms. The workshop gave the children in my class a chance to take a risk – to dance, sing and generally get out of their comfort zone." Ben Kent, Teacher (St Helens Primary School, Abbotsham, Devon)


"Children were all captivated and engaged. The performers made them feel involved and part of the performance. It has provided inspiration for our own dance/poetry work on our Caribbean topic." Sarah Rushworth, Y3 Teacher (Appledore School, Devon)


"Thank you for engaging so well with the children. The call and response songs worked well. Children were enthusiastic and obviously felt at ease with you all. I loved the awe and wonder!" Karen Brewer, Teacher (Instow Community Primary, Devon)


"Excellent in every way. The package sent in advance was a great help. The theme was easy to adapt for different ages I have in the class. We have done work on dreams and are going on to talk about people who inspire us and making a difference. Well organised – loved the poems and songs. Question time also very worthwhile. Children loved it. Lovely to meet you. Thank you." Liz Herbert, Senior Teacher (West Chinnock Primary, Somerset)


I was privileged to observe Tangle working with our students, developing their performance skills as well as the personal qualities such as team work and confidence that are so important if students are to achieve. The African Caribbean theatre company also provided us with a chance to challenge stereotypes and develop British values within an educational context. The staff leading the workshop from Tangle were enthusiastic, dynamic and engaging and our students responded so positively. We are looking forward to their return later in the academic year when they will perform to a larger group of students.Rob Gammon, Head Teacher (Robert Blake Science College, Somerset)


"I have worked with Tangle for three years now and each time the students and myself really enjoy the experience. Although the subject matter may not entirely fit with what the students are studying at the time, there is always room for widening our students contextual knowledge which having Tangle in does. The performances we have had have always been professional and creative with the whole class watching in awe throughout. "Nicola Radford (Stoke Damerel Community College, Plymouth)


"All of the company for both the workshops and performances were very professional and offered their own story – something I don’t think other companies emphasize enough. It was great having some of the same people come back after the workshops and bring that familiarity with them. Knowing about heritage and the background of the people involved gave the workshop that much more intimacy and I saw some students warm to this and become more open during workshops. Personally I wanted to know even more than was given!" Carli Green (Prime Theatre, Swindon)

Tangle is kindly supported by ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND

Tangle Company supports Arts Award achievement at all levels by enabling creative development through participation in workshops, providing opportunities for collaborative work, and extending the cultural experiences of young people.

Detailed Discovery Packs (see the media tab for recent examples) accompany each touring project, enabling teachers and educators to both prepare for our visits and expand upon the topics covered in future lessons. Our Discovery Packs are curriculum linked at KS2, KS3 and KS4, and include lesson plans plus activities and games suitable for a range of age groups.

Examples of our various offers includes:

Taking Part In The Arts

  • • Short post-performance workshops with Tangle Company suitable for everyone
  • • Workshops for KS2 3, and 4 specially designed for your school and group can occasionally be offered
  • • Our Discovery Packs contain lots of theatre-based activities and games: explore these in the media tab above
Being The Audience
  • • We will bring some of the best African Caribbean artists based in the UK to your school delivering a capella song and spoken word performances
  • • We bring our full touring productions to the region: come and see us at the theatre

Finding Out About Artists & Organisations

  • • We provide a Q & A session after each Tangle Company performance
  • • Interviews and profiles of actors and creative professionals available on our website and in our Discovery Packs
  • • During workshops, meet our artists and practitioners and find out about their lives and what inspires them

If you’d like to discuss your needs and what Tangle can offer your organisation, please get in touch. Email administrator@tanlgeinternational.com.