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Tangle is South West England’s African Caribbean Theatre Company. We celebrate the work of artists of African, Caribbean and more than 50 other heritages.

The Tangle Book 2015

Our new publication, The Tangle Book outlines the Tangle approach to creative workshops and details the practical elements of delivery for NAVIGATION:GLOBAL.

The book ensures we continue to deliver high quality and impactful work. Although primarily used by our team, the book can also be used by teachers as a guide to delivering their own workshops in the Tangle style.

Some elements of the Tangle Book will be incorporated into the NAVIGATION:GLOBAL Discovery Pack (available September 2015).

Click here for a taster of the Tangle Book 2015.

For any enquiries about the book please email administrator@tangleinternational.com.

Click here for a taster of the Tangle Book 2015.

Tangle is kindly supported by Arts Council, England.